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Director André F. Martins, demiurge of the microcosm

Expertise: tabletop

Tabletop shoots allow André F. Martins the opportunity to play god in a small, contained universe. As long as the physical laws, and gravity is always the highest authority, are respected, he can exercise total control. He often resorts to slow motion adds beauty and poetry to this microcosm of liquids, particles, magma, vapor and smoke. A beautiful, effective film is its own reward as he is dedicated to excellence and visual perfection, but he did enjoy being invited at the Norwegian Ambassador’s residence as recognition for the Norge campaign! While he intends to keep living in the world of tabletop, he hopes to make one day a feature film that makes a difference in the world by tackling an important issue. He has a Bachelor’s degree in cinema and a postgrad in Arts & Communications.

Products: Norge, Modelo, Banif, Modalfa, Brewmasters.

Favorite film: Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth for its drama. And its use of slomo.

Most common misconception about the director's role:

Directors have bundles of time off. André is still hoping to plan a vacation more than two days in advance.

Favorite toy: Slowmotion Phantom Flex camera 2000 fps, with its wide color range. No green screen, please.





Fred Miranda, the multihued impressionist

Expertise: Telecommunications, dairy

Over the course of an impressive directing career started at the fresh age of 21, director Fred Miranda has developed his own, provocative style. A dynamic storyteller with over 100 films under his belt, he delivers epic scope films with hyper real detail and ebullient color that strike for good the audience’s imagination. Recently, he’s brought his innovative approach to his documentary about Kazuo Dan, the Japanese writer who knew Portugal intimately. In all his films, Fred likes to surprise the viewer ... and himself too.

Favorite toy:

A backpack and a good camera and good actors.

If not a director, he would be...

A psychologist or an architect.


Surfing. “I swim out to wait for a wave. I think of nothing else, I am in the moment.”


Mario Patrocinio – the realist from within

Expertise: documentary, real people

Mário is a devoted storyteller known for his cinematic, raw and emotive human portraits across film, documentary, commercials and branded content. Moving to Kumamoto in Japan as a child prompted him to want to tell stories, to explore other people’s realities. He spent three years living in rough conditions in Brazil to make a documentary about the slums. Telling a carefully crafted story with an engaging cinematic aesthetic is what defines Mario, as well as his spontaneous and emotional approach to directing actors. Over the years Mário has worked for a broad and diverse range of brands, such as, Mercedes, Nike, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal Paris, BMW, Audi, Sata Airlines, Visa, Universal Music, Sony Music, Red Bull, EMI, Nestle, Galp Energy, Vodafone, represented by some of the world’s leading advertising agencies: J. Walter Thompson, FCB, McCann, and Fullsix.

Most common misconception about the director's role:

Directors are dictators, they don’t listen to anyone. A good director thrives from the input of professionals around him.

A dream project would be...

A global production celebrating the variety of landscapes, of faces, of cultures, but at the same time showing that humans are one.

Favorite toy:

A great lens appropriate to each film. Russian arm. Underwater shoot in rough conditions, when the sea, the waves are powerful challengers. Arri on a drone. He likes to play!


Mario Viães, a people’s person

Expertise: people      

Director Mario Viães likes to get the most out of actors, whether they’re models, character or street cast. He also likes to work with actors that come from theater, they have a different background and tend to pull scenes well. Mario appreciates living in Portugal with its aesthetically rich history, and draws on every source, visual arts and architecture and photography and cinema, to “paint” feelings on screen. Mario has the knack for turning brilliantly observed human nature into engaging scenes, whether with a humorous twist or pure emotions.  When casting is perfect, brands can reach out, through Mario’s intercession, to people’s feelings, tastes, experience. To their hearts.

Favorite toy:

Anamorphic lens. Close ups. Handheld. And everything else too.

Favorite directors:

David Fincher for Seven, and Alejandro Iñárritu for Babel and The Revenant.

If he weren’t a director, he would be...

A guitarist.




Miguel Coimbra, the fortuneteller

Expertise: Fashion and storytelling

For director Miguel Coimbra, filmmaking is about making an impact on the audience. And creating a world from scratch. He aims at making his pieces memorable either through his highly stylized visuals, or thanks to strong characterization. He also relishes directing pieces that reveal the future of fashion to trend addicts everywhere. He draws his inspiration from many sources: the lighting of Rembrandt, the energy of Renaissance paintings, documentaries, history, magazines. His documentary about the “bullfighting suicide squads” who tackle bulls without any weapons is enjoying recognition internationally thanks to its dramatic content and sleek photography. His commercials have won Clio, Cannes’ Lions, EuroBest, NYADC, and more. While he finds working internationally most appealing, production in Portugal is rewarding because of the foreign talent, both cast and crew, that have moved here, attracted by the plentiful work.

Dream project :

A car commercial - to get to use all the gear and toys, in the beautiful Portuguese landscapes.


Rugby, krav-maga and gym on a daily basis – it’s like meditation.

Traveling to cities, to explore architecture, and the people and their cultures.


Director Paulo Henriques, tamer of 3D monsters and other animals

Expertise: Animals, cars, postprod

Director Paulo Henriques tends to resort to nature for inspiration. While he enjoys working with animals, and has gotten used to their idiosyncrasies, he has also made a name for himself with his innovative work in 3D animation combined with live action. He likes to resort to nature for inspiration, nature is where all art originates. Born and raised in South Africa where he studied, Paulo worked first as an editor. Since he’s broken into the directing field, his postprod background has enhanced his vision during preproduction and production, as he believes the small details that add to the magic. Paulo has worked with an array of high profile clients in Europe and Africa, including Apple, Renault, Mercedes Benz, Unitel, Adidas, Amstel and more.

Formative moment: Watching Star Wars at a drive in, with the kids from the boarding school sitting outside on their blankets. Paulo would watch the film then up at the stars: it stirred emotions. He remembered that.

Favorite toy: The drone gimbal: it’s versatile without the need for cranes and tracks.

Favorite actors: bears. Two or three takes is all they need for a perfect delivery.

If he weren’t a director, Paulo would be... a sportsman, either a professional basketball player, or water polo, or rugby player.


Director Salomão Figuereido: the human touch

Expertise: Drinks, telecommunications

After studying at Porto’s School of Arts, and working for several years in the industry, Salomão took a hiatus to expand his horizons. He pursued further studies in cinematography in Maine and philosophy in London, while taking up boxing. This unusual combination of experiences allows him to get a better understanding of people, he is able to internalize each individual’s point of view whether creative from agency, or actor, or key crew, by putting himself in their shoes.

He has also come up with innovative methods to bring to the screen an elusive matter, the human emotion. Communicating with his key creatives through music, shaping the actors’ performances in improvisational workshops, drawing visual inspiration from real stories on social media have helped him deliver this most desirable of outcomes: authentic films that move the audience.

Favorite toy:

Low contrast, 2:35 letter box, shallow depth of field. 27mm lens. And the edit room

Dream project:

Sci-fi, existential, with a female lead, romantic, noir, and jazzy. For a beauty product such as perfume, jewelry – any takers?!

If he weren’t a director, Salomão would be...

A writer & photographer of road trips. Or a farmer.

Favorite director:

Jean-Pierre Melville is Salomão’s hero.




Director Telmo Vicente, the story conductor

Expertise: Live action & visual storytelling

Bio: Telmo Vicente is a director who likes to let the script dictate the film whether it calls for action or comedy or emotion.He has a natural ability for storytelling and capturing tone in a dynamic, yet nuanced style. His process is to focus primarily on the script in order for the story to fly, with a preference for technically challenging and visually ambitious projects. When tackling a new project, he shuts himself off from all distractions, to start with a blank page. He believes the best results come from moving collectively, with crew and cast, toward a common goal of authenticity. He has a degree in cinema and media communications from Lisbon University U.L.H.T, and pursued advanced training in the direction of actors.

Favorite directors:

Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Welles, Godard, Kubrick, Spielberg, Scorsese, Bergman

Dream project: A real portuguese historical figure battles against the oppresion and tyranny of a massive empire. It envolves crowd scenes, special effects and a lots of post production

Most common misconception about the director's role:

My friends and my family don’t understand what I do. I tell them: ‘Imagine an orchestra conductor. He doesn’t play the instruments, but he makes sure everybody plays the same song.’

Favorite film toys:

A good actor, a good location, a good script, and a camera.

If he were not a director, he would be...

A fulltime Dad! He dotes on his daughter, Lara, who is two.




Directors - RGB6 Joel Nordstrom & Lars Ohlin - ASPEKT

DOP: Fredrik Bäckar





Director: Patrick Fileti

DOP: Ross Glardina





Director: Han Ki Go

Dop: Baldur Eythorsson 


You Can Dance
By RGB6 Joel Nordstrom & Lars Ohlin - ASPEKT
BY Patrick Fileti - COLLIDER
You Can Dance
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By Mark Senders & LACH GmbH & Co.KG



By Daniel Woeller & Deluxe Bild Production


By Daniel Woeller & Deluxe Bild Production

Glamour Spain

By Alfonso Ohnur & Glamour Spain

Ford Transit
Catalogue SS/2014
Drykorn SS/2011
Drykorn Winter 2010
Glamour Spain
Cuentos & Inglesa Mix
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Patricia Lino
Managing Partner & International Executive Producer
Mariana Mota
Production Coordinator
Silvia Reis
Ana Lavaredas
Accountant junior
Susana Oliveira
Mariana Barbosa
Bidding Producer

'PSP assemble a great crew of local talent, people they work with regularly, it makes for a friendly set, well managed by production. PS. I still use the notebook.'

Michael Williams 

Director at Partizan

"Expect the best in class service, production know-how and really lovely people. Thank you for a great Toyota production." 

Florian Voigt

Global Business Director for Jaguar at Spark44

"I am a big fan of shooting in Portugal!  Patricia at Production Portugal and her crew  really understood my vision as a director.  The country gives amazing locations and the crew are fantastic.  Always giving the best.  I look forward to shooting there again soon."

Thibault Debaveye

Director at Psyop/Smuggler  

'PSP were efficient, attentive and professional. The best facilitating companies work as collaborative partners rather than suppliers, and PSP were definitely our partners on this production, always happy to find solutions and go that extra mile without needing to be asked.I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to shoot in Portugal.'

James Cunningham
Producer Academy Films

"PSP were efficient, cost effective, helpful, friendly and buttoned down. Everything you could want from a service company!"

Candice Chubb

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